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The Partnered Prayer Challenge
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Helpful Partnered Prayer Videos

Extraordinary testimonies by others who have taken “The Partnered Prayer Challenge” …
will help you set your own plan to participate.

You have our permission to use these videos at your church or small meeting gatherings.

CBN COUPLES – videotaped by Christian Broadcast Company, Va Beach

  1. Tiffany and Matt:
    55 sec                           A young couple learn that praying together helps foster pregnancy.
  2. Sandy and Paul:  
    50 sec                           After Paul’s vulnerability, prayer helps Sandy see his heart.
  3. Kandice and Mike:
    60 sec                           Prayer becomes amazingly joyful after an awkward start.
  4. Various couples:  
    45 sec                           A quick summary with four couples on praying together Partnered Prayer


GATEWAY PRAYER PARTNERS – videotaped by PTST in Association
with Gateway Church, Dallas. Friends, Family, Married and Unmarried Couples

  1. Various Couples
    60 sec                                  Praying with Your Eyes Open?
  2. David & Mikayla
    1:34                                          Young Marrieds
  3. Various Couples
    1:15                             What Happens After The Prayer Challenge?
  4. Eric & London   
    2:50                              Young Love Blossoms!
  5. Chelsea & Kelly 
    5:02                              Friends Pray for Husbands!