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The Prayer Challenge
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Getting Ready For The Survey

Are you ready for one of the most compelling experiences of your life? Nearly everyone who pledges to daily Partnered Prayer for the first time praying together 5 minutes a day for 40 day is astonished by the joyful outcomes!

Participating in the Baylor survey is not a prerequisite to taking “The Prayer Challenge” but choosing to take the 5-10 minute survey on the 1st and the 40th days of your challenge will do two things:

  1. You and your partner will be able to gauge your achievements over 40 days.
  2. It makes you a participant in history, the first-ever empirical research study which we anticipate may be landmark; if so, your actions can encourage tens of thousands of others to enter into Partnered Prayer,

Identify Your Prayer Partnership

The first thing you’ll be asked when you click the Let’s Do the Survey button is to select an existing custom survey for a church you may recognize, and would like to go along with; or to click the independent button.

Second, you’ll be asked to identify the proper classification for you and your prayer partner:

  • Married Couple
  • Non-married Couple
  • Two Family Members
  • Two Friends

Signing Up for the Survey

The survey can only be done on a computer, smart phone or tablet. For the integrity of the Baylor research data, each partner will then take their survey separately and have his/her own user name and password.

These two points are important:

  1. In order to participate in the survey, each person must have their own email address.
  2. When you sign in at, you and your partner must initially sign up together, on the same device; i.e., the same smart phone, tablet, or computer. You will each create a unique email address to login and a password.

If your partner is not physically present, designate one person to sign up on behalf of both of you. That person must then pass along the unique login and password information to his/her partner, who can then change the password on their own device if they so desire.

Once you have signed up, and the system knows your email address, your password, and if applicable, the church or organization you are associated with, you can then sign-in on separate devices to take the survey, or you may take the survey on the same device, one after the other.

Have Your Church or Small Group Sign Up!

There are enormous benefits to taking “The Prayer Challenge” with other partners¾a small group or church—experiencing the encouraging testimonies, accountability, and fellowship of like-minded people. You can elect to join with a familiar church from the selection or you can partner up with someone and take “The Prayer Challenge” without being a member of a church or group.   In that case select “Independent.”

Let’s Do the Survey