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Try Partnered Prayer - 5 Minutes Per Day / 40 Days - Your Life Will Change!

Rare Research on Prayer

In Couples Who Pray, Gallup data was introduced that was evaluated by Baylor University’s prestigious Institute for Studies of Religion. The rudimentary research provided evidence of surprising levels of improvement when married couples went from “praying sometimes” to “praying a lot.”

Keeping in mind that most mates never pray together, you will see why George Gallup considered this cursory data astonishing.

  • Happiness elevated by 18 percent;
  • Agreement on the raising children, was up by 11 percent;
  • Agreement on financial matters increased 11 percent;
  • Compromise rose 22 percent;
  • Communication went up 11 percent;
  • Respect was higher by 19 percent;
  • Feelings of delight rocketed to 30 percent;
  • Lovemaking soared by 20 percent;
  • Marital stability became 16 percent greater;
  • The fear of divorce plummeted to zero.

In concert with this book—and hopefully with you and your prayer partner—Baylor University’s Institute for Studies of Religion will evaluate the data from a new study—the first empirical study of its kind—which measures the outcome of two people praying together, for at least 5 minutes a day, for 40 days. More information:

The data will be gathered digitally on smartphones, tablets, and computers in a ten-minute survey that you and your partner will take on your first and fortieth days of praying together. Your private information will be unseen by anyone except social scientists at Baylor.

Are you willing to open your gift and take this wondrous journey with us?

Get ready. It’s more than you could imagine.

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