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The Prayer Challenge
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Your Questions Answered

Sample Prayers

Thank-you, Father, for my [husband/wife]. Please help us to be open and honest with each other. Help us to be kind and patient. Teach us to show appreciation every day; to honor each other; and help our marriage to grow stronger and stronger.

Lord, thank you for [name of friend]. Bless [name] today. Please keep [him/her] safe. Thank-you that we can trust each other with our concerns and our heart’s desires. Thank-you for this gift of friendship.

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How Do We Start
Praying Together?

  1. Select Your Prayer Partner
    • Couples (married/unmarried)
    • Two Family Members
    • Two Friends
  2. Commit To Praying Together 5 minutes a day for 40 days.

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Tips On How To
Pray Together?

  1. Just Start Talking to God
  2. Make Time to Pray
  3. Have an Attitude of Gratitude
  4. Confess Wrongdoings - Ask Forgiveness
  5. Pray Out Loud
  6. Keep it Short

Tips in Greater Detail

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Why Take The Prayer Challenge?

Baylor/Gallup Studies suggest that among Married couples who regularly pray together...

  • Fear of Divorce Vanishes
  • Communication Expands
  • Arguments Diminish
  • Respect Rises
  • Romance Escalates

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Who Initiated Pray Together
Stay Together?

Was it Father Patrick Peyton, the 1950's evangelist priest?

Was it the founders of Pray Together Stay Together?


...the idea of two people being richly blessed when they pray together comes from Jesus.

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