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Does Prayer Increase Romance?

Does Partnered Prayer Increase Romance?

We have asked many couples if they think their love life got better after they began praying together on a regular basis.

“Lovemaking is better,” say Bill and Mari simultaneously. “When you pray together you’re being as honest and unguarded as you ever get,” continues Bill.

“You experience each other in that intimate, unguarded way … and that affects lovemaking,” adds Mari.[1]

For couples who pray together
Lovemaking soars 20%

“Praying with my husband bonds us,” said Donna Summer. “It’s so deep and healthy . . . when Bruce and I enter our inner sanctum together, we put down our weapons and stand there spiritually and emotionally naked.”[2]

For couples who pray together
Respect escalates by 19%

“Praying together frequently is a very powerful correlate of marital happiness, the most powerful we have yet discovered,” writes Andrew Greeley, author. [3]

For couples who pray together
Happiness elevates by 18%

Pauletta and Denzel Washington, as newlyweds, had a disagreement. Pauletta’s mom told her, “85 percent of the success or failure of your marriage is on you. It’s not 50/50. You both need to put in 85.”[4] Pauletta and her husband learned from that wisdom.

For couples who pray together
Compromise rises 22% [5]

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