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Win All Battles Against the Enemy?

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles.”
Sun Tzu

(pg. 51/141 – 40 DPC Book)

Here is a basic principle of warfare.

In order to prevent yourself being overcome by an enemy, you must accept that he is there, determine who he is, understand his mission, and become knowledgeable of his tactics.

Knowing your enemy is critical to your mission, says Sun Tzu, whose classic military strategies were written in 500 BC, and admired by military leaders everywhere.

Who’s the Enemy?

At this very moment, there is a hidden force trying to stop you from learning about the extraordinary power of prayer!

You may not have given much acknowledgment to this force, but it’s real, and it may have already been successful in keeping you from entering into regular communication with God.

That force is Satan.

Also called the “Enemy.”

The last thing the Enemy wants you to know about is the amazing qualities of prayer—a power that grows exponentially when two people come together to speak prayer on a regular basis.

And, the last thing he wants you to do is to engage in consistent prayer with your spouse, family member or friend. He doesn’t like that. When you do, he’ll be locked out.

But, this is important: unless you give him power—the Enemy is powerless.

He will try to deceive you, distract you, disorient you, and discourage you, but he can’t … unless you allow it.

When you learn to put on the “full armor of God,” wearing it boldly, day in and day out, the enemy is nothing but a puny, toothless tiger pawing the ground outside the fortress that you and your praying partner have created with God.

You are then, literally in the light, making it very hard for the Enemy to lure you into his darkness. Like a roach or a rodent, he hates the light. He runs from it.

You must always be on guard. The Enemy lies in wait expecting you to show signs of weakness. Once he sees the tiniest opening, he’ll deceitfully try to lure you into a snare he’s set for you, to entrap you into circumstances or addictions that will be hard to escape.

What is the Enemy’s biggest enemy?

Your prayers. Especially speaking your prayers with a partner.

When you speak it, believe it, and expect it, he runs for the hills.

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